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The more you order, the more you save, because designing artwork and setting up the press for your job takes the same amount of work whether we print one or one million of your product. We typically offer prices for different quantities, called "quantity breaks," so you can see which is more economical for your needs.


The screen printing process itself is actually quite simple. A screen (similar to a window screen but much finer) is stretched tightly on a frame. Artwork is burned unto the screen leaving open mesh areas that will become the printed image. Next, ink is deposited on the screen and a flexible plastic or rubber blade (called a squeegee) is used to press the ink through the areas of screen not blocked by the stencil. As the ink passes through the screen, the design is "printed" on the item which then goes through a dryer.


In the printing world, the term sublimation is used to describe heat-activated inks that change into a gas when heated and that have the ability to bond with polyester or specially treated acrylic surfaces.


Artwork is printed onto special paper using a specialized printer.  Images from the dye-sublimation printer may be transferred to another surface using a heat press. The dyes will vaporize off the paper and onto the final substrate. 


  • The dye-sublimation transfer process is permanent so it will not crack, bleed, peel or fade as a result of ordinary washing and wearing.


  • The inks transfer well to white, synthetic surfaces such as polyester and specially-treated acrylic, but does not transfer to natural surfaces like cotton or to dark-colored fabrics.


  • It actually dyes the fabric rather than simply bonding an image to the shirt by using coated transfer media.


  • They can be used for transfer onto specially treated ceramic, metal, polyester fabric, mylar and glass.


"Good artwork is key to success for any printing."
If you are supplying the artwork:

  • We use the latest technology. Vector artwork is required for clean prints.

  • For spot color prints, please provide a Pantone reference number, otherwise we will assign one from stock.

  • We accept digital artwork on CD, DVD, Zip disk and email.

Artwork sent in vector format is always acceptable.  Sometimes Jpeg, PDF or psd will be acceptable.  
Resolution should be at a minimum of 300 dpi and size should replicate design. We can minimize artwork but making an image larger will distort the image especially at a lower resolution.
When ordering screen printing: 

  • What design do you want printed on the garment? Is it text, graphics or both?

  • Where do you want the design to be printed? Left or right chest/breast, back or sleeves?

  • What style garment do you want?

  • How many garments do you want?

  • What color garments?

  • What color prints?

  • What sizes are each garment?

  • Name or description of font type?

  • Any other services?


Artwork charge - $25.00 minimum charge for the first half-hour. Additional is $50 per hour.


The minimum order is one in many cases!  We're always happy to make a single product for you, if possible. Keep in mind that the more you order, the less expensive each item typically will be. 


It depends on what you order. The average turnaround time for apparel printing is just 7 to 10 days. Promotional products typically delivered 2 weeks following proof approval.

Please keep in mind that delivery times may be shorter or longer depending on the simplicity or complexity of the specific job -- quick ships or rush orders can be placed. Of course, we'll try to accommodate whatever lead time you specify - just ask us!


Yes! We deliver within Seminole and Orange Counties (FL). All other shipments are sent UPS ground prepaid unless otherwise specified. All deliveries are shipped F.O.B. Altamonte Springs, typically via UPS.

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